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What’s New?

Somehow or another you’ve found yourself here, looking at this screen which at the moment happens to have my blog on it.


Thanks for stopping by.  You might notice it’s rather quiet around here.  I’ve taken a break from blogging to focus all my efforts on ministry and the other important things in life.

Learning and growing lots with Jesus these days.

Loving my wife and the life we share in Calgary, AB.

And directing lots of my time towards this amazing group of people that I love and get to lead.  Check out The Exchange.

Hope you enjoy poking around at some past posts.  Remember, it’s all about Jesus.


3 Comments on What’s New?

  1. I’ve wondered why you weren’t writing blogs Caleb. Drawing closer to God is a good,great thing.Good on you my friend. I’m so happy your happy being back in Calgary having fun,
    enjoying Lindsey and family. Special times for sure. Say a big Hi to Lindsey for me please.
    I still miss you at SBC,but on the other hand,I know God’s plan is to have you and Lindsey
    in Calgary. Luck has been a BLESSING as well. Also, Rick’s wife leads as well sometimes
    God be with you Caleb. ”Love the Lord your God in all you do,say and be real.” HUGS,Marta

  2. Caleb,sorry,I spelled Luke’s name wrong. You can laugh now……….

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