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The Exchange

This week I want to use this post to speak to my church family at FAC

I love my church.  It’s been about 2 months now that I’ve been back on staff at FAC and I have never felt so certain that I am in the right place in ministry.

I get excited when I think about our church because I know that God is up to something big.  He is working on the deep places of our hearts.  He is calling us into closer relationship with Himself, and I believe we are starting to respond to His call with more and more faith and anticipation.

enter The Exchange

The Exchange is a new church experience that will be launching on October 14th.  It was birthed out of a desire to reach an even wider span of Calgary’s diverse community with the truth and hope of the Gospel.

Our purpose is to build lives that honour God.

  • We will be committed to upholding the authority of God’s Word
  • We will be committed to building Biblical Community
  • We will be committed to Biblical Discipleship

We are not reinventing the wheel.  We are not out to create a flashy new church service to be consumed.  We are not a rebellion against traditional or even contemporary church models.

God has gifted each of us in unique ways and He has given us influence so that we can make Him famous.  We’ll be a place of community.  We’ll be a place of the arts.  We’ll be a place for broken people.  We’ll be a place of acceptance.

So why the name The Exchange?

We believe that Jesus changed everything when He Exchanged his throne for our freedom. Everything we do and everything that we are is because of The Exchange.  (Philippians 2)

Every initiative and every aspect of our ministry will be filtered through our core values of Biblical Authority, Biblical Community, and Biblical Discipleship.

What is this service going to look like/feel like/sound like?

That depends on how you want to get involved and what areas you’re passionate in.  We’re building this together.  Our goal is to foster a collaborative community in which people feel driven to use the gifts God has given them to serve together.

Who provides leadership to this service?

Pastor Brad Young and yours truly (Caleb Delamont) will be providing leadership for The Exchange.  There will also be some key leadership positions that will need to be filled along the way.  Maybe one of those positions will be for you?


We are essentially planting a church within a church.  This is as exciting as it is daunting but we know that God sized dreams rarely seem like simple tasks.

Come hear more about The Exchange

Sunday, September 2nd 

6:30pm in the Harvest Rooms at First Alliance Church (12345 40 St. SE, Calgary)


1 Comment on The Exchange

  1. It’s me AGAIN…..I’m so glad that you feel you’re in the right place to serve our Lord.Caleb,
    you are so gifted with God’s wisdom,love and worship. WOW,and God blessed me when
    we became friends.
    ”The Exchange” is an awesome name and I will pray for you and Pastor Young as you work together and” Rock Calgary.” I will pray for the meeting on Sept.2nd. and hope the
    right people come out to get serious about being a help at getting ”The Exchange” up
    and running for God.
    I’m happy you’re happy being back in hometown,Calgary and at the Church you once
    worked for.We miss you at SBC,but God blessed us with ”Luke” and he’s doing a great
    job as well.
    Thanks for keeping in touch with me and I do appreciate hearing the ”good news”. You
    take care my friend and blessings,Marta

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